International Dance Shoes creates products of superior quality and durability. Depending on the type of dance products that you order and the type of materials that they are comprised of, your dance shoes can be cared for in a variety of different ways. Please see the fabric options below.


International Dance Shoes uses satin fabric of exceptional quality on all of their respective products. In order to preserve the quality of your dance shoes and minimize any discoloration down the road, please refrain from getting the satin fabric wet, and please be sure to use delicate products to clean the shoes with if you feel the need to do so. To clean the satin fabric, International Dance Shoes recommends dampening a cloth with a white spirit that is diluted with an equal amount of water, and then delicately rubbing in onto the satin fabric in slow, circular motions.


All products that are made in patent leather are delivered to customers along with a small “Patent Protector” brush. When applied to your dance shoes before they are worn, this polish not only helps to reduce traction alongside the innermost edges, but it also may reduce the presence of any scuff marks that may inevitably arise. International Dance Shoes recommends using the Patent Protector brush before and after dancing, and in-between rounds if you are engaging in longer periods of dancing!


International Dance Shoes works directly with tanneries to ensure that their suede fabric is soft, high quality and provides excellent flexibility for all of their dance shoe styles. In order to preserve the condition of the soles of your shoes, please refrain from getting them wet, avoid wearing them on floors that have rough surfaces, and try to limit their usage away from the dance floor as much as it is possible to do so!

International Dance Shoes also recommends using a shoe brush in order to scratch the soles of your dance shoes, all of which is a very common practice within the ballroom dancing industry. The usage of a shoe brush not only helps to keep the soles of your shoes clean through the removal of dirt and debris, but can also increase the friction of the suede— something that many dancers tend to appreciate on the dance floor! That being said, please be mindful of how you brush your shoes. If the sharp metal bristles of the brush make contact with the exterior of your shoes, damage may occur to the outer layers of your product. Please also be sure to hold the shoe brush by the wooden handle when in use, and secure the attached cover when not in use, so as to avoid contact with the sharp bristles.

Pictured: Shoe Brush


To preserve the condition of the heel tip for Ladies ballroom, Latin and American Smooth dance shoes, International Dance Shoes recommends the use of heel protectors which are available in plain tip and suede tip options. Heel protectors are placed directly onto the heels of your shoes to provide a level of separation between your shoes and the dance floor, and ultimately wear out as they are used over time. Please be advised that numerous dance studios mandate the usage of heel protectors to protect the dance floor.

Pictured: Plain Tip Heel Protectors and Suede Tip Heel Protectors